"Photography...... it's a personal thing, it's the way you see things, your interpretation, your vision and how you capture it. Each and every day I am challenged to capture moments, document events and create images that showcase products and services in the best way possible" - Megan Graham Photographer since 2001.

Living in rural Southland gives me the unique opportunity to be involved in photographing many Genre and opportunities through my business. I am passionate about photography, as a whole and continually striving to produce outstanding images that speak volumes.

I am proud to be an accredited member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) since 2014.


My Career in the photography industry started thanks to my brothers passion for Motocross and my lack of riding ability, which meant that I naturally fell into the world of capturing them while riding. This lead to me working for numerous photographic studios, while at teachers college (Early Childhood Education) and then working as a photographer in New Zealand and Australia.  Starting Megan Graham Photography in 2010.

The importance of these images can never be underestimated....... Capture your family ....... Promote your business .......... document your wedding day in the best way possible -  With Megan Graham Photography.