Janelle & Shaun - The big day arrives!!


Everyone who know’s me know’s how much I like to talk, intact I was often told as a kid that I talked way to much, and well, never really listened…….



So I come to write a blog about Janelle and Shaun’s wedding, and actually I’m kinda lost for words! Literally I can not find the right words to describe this day, 



Janelle you took our breath’s away, simply the most stunning bride! Your girls all looked amazing! 


Shaun you and the boys are so much fun, I felt like I’d known you all forever, you made me feel so welcomed and relaxed (that’s my job to make you feel relaxed) 


Megan MacKenzie, what a gorgeous heartfelt ceremony that had as all shed a tear or two! 


There are so many amazing people who helped to make this day amazing, Amy @ Blush, who did the  girls make up, Krystal From Venom who did the girls Hair,  Ambrosia Designer Florist Amazing flowers, Beersheba Estate, Ascot Park Hotel, Bride’s by Donna Ray So many amazing people!


Here’s how the day went…..





And just incase you haven’t had enough of these two here is thier Engagement images.

Again guys such a joy to be at your day, &  capture it for you, here’s to Love, Laughter and happily ever after…..



M xxxx


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