What should I wear for my photo shoot?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in to help you relax. If you are going to be photographed as part of a group, for family photographs for example, try to all wear similar colours so that everyone blends in nicely. Avoid stripes, patterns and clothing with large labels or monograms as this can make your photographs look really busy. If you are not sure what to wear, bring some options along!

Where should we go?

Locations that you are familiar with are great, especially with small children, as they then do not feel out of place. I love the beach, the river, a reserve or even around your house we could possibly find quirky little spots for some great shots.

How should we plan for our shoot?

Get together and have a bit of a chat about what sort of photographs you would like, all of you together just having fun, laughing and being yourselves, or more formal and traditional family shots. Also have a think about what combinations of people you want for your group shots. We can always do a mixture on the day. It’s also great if you share your ideas – the more I know about what you want, the more I can offer a complete service to you.

What should we expect during our shoot?

Fun! Photography doesn’t have to be a serious time. It’s about getting together and celebrating those who are close to us in our lives at the time! Allow for up to two hours, especially if there is some travel involved. Great photographs can sometimes happen in a small amount of time, or more typically it takes us all a while to “warm up” to the camera, so it’s great if we are not rushed and can work together on this one. And most importantly, trust me! Sometimes we all feel a little bit awkward, try and relax and have fun,  put your faith in the fact I have years of experience and the end results will be awesome!

Remember, photographs increase in value over time, eventually becoming priceless…

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