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With the nickname of “Smiles” it’s no surprise that I love to make others feel relaxed and comfortable when in front of the camera. While I am most comfortable behind the lens, if you are feeling relaxed while being photographed, you are going to just love the end result. Photography can be a fun, special time, which will create images that stay with you for the rest of your life.

I have spent many years working as a photographer for a number of established businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia, gaining skills and experience along the way. During these years I have been challenged within the industry and I continue to increase my knowledge and skill base, developing a style of photography that captures life, raw emotion and creates images to inspire. In 2010 I founded Megan Graham Photography and have established myself as a well-respected photographer within New Zealand, including receiving a Bronze award for a photograph I entered in the 2012 Iris New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year Awards.

While I have the pleasure of photographing a number of weddings every year and consider myself to be a specialist in all things wedding, I balance my wedding photography with commercial work, which keeps me excited and challenged throughout the year. Family portraiture also holds a special place for me as photographs are one of the few things in life which increase in value and importance as the years go on. I am a versatile photographer willing to take my clients’ requests into consideration during any assignment. 

I choose to work with high quality Canon equipment which is maintained at a high standard to ensure every job is outstanding and exceeds my clients’ expectations.

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